Revel Integrations

Leading Cloud-Based POS

Revel Systems was the first iPad POS platform to hit the market. We’ve been refining our product and working alongside our customers ever since to offer the most mature, cloud-based POS system available.


Achieve Comprehensive Functionality with Reachware!

Revel is a Point of Sale (POS) platform which is an easy-to-use for small, mid-sized, and multi-location businesses. Revel POS system uses a scalable, iPad-based platform and includes menu, customer, employee, and inventory management features

Reachware integrates Revel systems with other applications into its enterprise technology suite. Failure to integrate Revel with the company's existing technology such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or any other system - can lead to time-consuming and inefficient processes as well as generate inaccurate results due to error-prone manual entry.



Why Reachware?

  • To improve the customer experience
  • To enhance the efficiency of operations
  • To ensure accurate and error-free data reporting
  • To save time by eliminating the need to manually enter data

Revel Integrations

Reachware offers a wide variety of pre-built integrations tailored to the needs of specific industries, departments, and use-cases.


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