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Reachware helps accuracy, enables greater automation, eliminates redundancy, and ensures that all systems are managed consistently. This improves productivity and enables HR teams to deliver more value through more accurate and consistent reporting.

Value of the integration for the HR

One Set of Data: With different systems, you are likely to back up data which leads to manual solutions and unnecessary redundancy. But with Reachware, all data will be synchronized and occurred in one place across different systems.

Save Your Time and Effort: With Reachware you can bring everything together - so employees only have to log into one system to view basic information (current training status, payroll data, leave dates, etc.) which saves a lot of time and effort for everyone.

More Accuracy: The fact that data has to be entered into your system only once has the added benefit of improving the accuracy of your data, giving you much greater confidence in the accuracy of your employee records.

Compliance is Much Easier: Reachware helps HR with new commitments by reducing the amount of effort required and the risk of error, saving you a lot of time, and protecting you from potential crippling fines if regulators audit your systems.

Why Reachware?

  • Eliminate manual data entry and redundancy
  • Improved leave application process
  • Better management of employees with accurate reports

HR Integration

Reachware offers a wide variety of pre-built integrations tailored for the needs of specific industries, departments, and use-cases. 


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